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Mechanical Growth - User Manual



Mechanical Growth is a built-for virtual reality game set in a fantasy Post-Apocalyptic world. Captain of your independent company, Loot, shoot, kick and scream your way to your next contract.


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Movement :-

Move freely in the virtual Reality play space, use teleporting or locomotion via the VR controllers.


1.left  - locomotion movement

1.Right.Up - Teleportation movement

1.Right.Right - Snap turn 45 degrees right

1.Left.Left - Snap turn 45 degrees Left


5.Left / 5.Right - Squeeze to grab, release, to release grabbed item


Y.Left / B.Right - cast a beam to grab objects at a distance, (this will just cast a beam you will still need to grab the item to pick it up.

Run :-

X.left / A.Right - Press to toggle run speed on / off

Menu :-

-.Left - Open the main menu (right hand controller menu button dose nothing) use menu to save game, quit game, respawn yourself at the starting point, respawn your PAC to your location.

Trigger :-

Trigger.Left / Trigger.Right - Fire any weapon after it has been Grabbed, Also, Used for click events on all user interface screens.

PAC (Personal Assigned Carrier):-

This robot will follow you around the map, you can drop items onto the glowing areas around it’s body to “temporarily” store items, These items will NOT persist over saved games, any item you wish to keep will needed to be stored in a store unit.


PAC will carry a Handgun and a Torch at all times, you can drop these two items at anytime and they will snap back to the PAC.


On top of the PAC, will be a PDA (Personal Data Assistant), pick up and use then drop again at anytime to snap the item back to the PAC.


Press the left hand menu button on the controller to respawn the PAC to your location at anytime.

PDA (Personal Data Assistant):-

Use your hand to point at the menu you wish to look at / use and press the trigger to confirm your selection


Used to check your own health as well as the health of you PAC, Used to check Current inventory, World Map and current location, Current contracts, Journal information,  help menu, dialog transcript, 


Grab, point, shoot(trigger button left/right) 


Drop ammo clips near the gun to reload.


Grab and point.

Equipment :-

Squeeze the yellow handle to operate the machine, some machines needs power, you will need to drop a power cell into a power junction box to provide power to the area.


Point at the menu with your hand and press the trigger button to confirm selection

Store Units :-

The main store unit can be used to store and collect items, smaller units are found around the map, squeeze the yellow lever will store all items in the store box to your inventory.

Keycards :-

Some doors will need a keycard, Grab the item in your hand by the door, or have it equipped on your PAC (the PAC will need to be near the door itself, Left hand menu to recall your PAC if needed)


A higher level keycard, will, open lower level doors.


Keycards can be found and crafted.

Harvest Bot:-

After putting a power cell into a harvest bot, it will Auto-mine whatever you select on the main UI.


You will need to manually Grab and store they resource boxes in a store unit.

First Person:-

When not using a VR headset you can control the game via mouse and keyboard in first person.

Mouse :-

  1. - Same as VR trigger

  2. - Same as Grab / Drop

  3. - reload any held weapon

Use Mouse to pan camera

Keyboard :-

W - Move Forward 

S  - Move Back

D - Move Right

A - Move Left

Shift - Toggle Run

Number Pad:-

1Num Key - Open/Close PDA menu (use mouse point and click to select menu)

2Num Key - Open/Close Main menu (use mouse point and click to select menu)

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